Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scent article work

I'm slowly getting back into obedience work for Teller. Last night between puppy and basic classes I asked him for some heelwork, drops on recall and some out of sight stays. After work tonight we went out to Waggles and worked on some a-frame reps and weave pole entries. I'm feeling like his confidence in the weaves has increased exponentially - he's really independently working in the weaves now - allowing me to race him to the end of the weaves, rear crossing into them, layering other objects and even confidently weaving when I'm hanging back and sending him through the weaves.

After dinner (his and mine) we worked some scent articles - I re-introduced them last weekend after our 4 month obedience hiatus. The funny thing is how Teller learns and retains information. Within two sessions he was back up to working a full pile of articles again at 100% accuracy. It's that honest quality to his work. If he understands what is being asked of him he does exactly what you want him to do - or more accurately he does exactly what I've taught him to do.

The first article is #4 metal dead center, then  #4 metal at 5 o'clock, then #4 leather at 12 o'clock and #4 leather at 2 o'clock. Teller will always turn to the right. On go outs I send him a bit to the left of where I want him because I know he'll turn to the right when I interrupt him and ask for the sit. The same thing when it comes to the article pile. He almost always (better than 95%) will enter the pile on the left side, go through the middle and exit on the right side of the pile.

Video is muted as my slippers made an obnoxious squeak on the freshly waxed wood floor which I found to be distracting when I watched the video - the sounds of Teller working the pile were funny (still muted) - he definitely thinks that articles are a fun game to play.

You'll also see a brief cameo from Q the kitty - who decided to "help" with articles tonight. I figure if Teller can work his articles with a kitty just to the left of the pile, he'll certainly be able to work the pile when there are other distractions.

For those that are local - I'm going to be enlisting your services to help me with articles. I need help setting them up, carrying the article to the pile, etc etc - basically playing judge and steward.

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