Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pickup Sticks

Using the agility nerd's pickup stick method, I went out to waggles this afternoon with the intention to work weaves and contacts. As a bit of a lazy trainer I left the contacts where they were (a-frame and teeter) - I put out the weaves and moved the jumps around a bit. I didn't intend to work specific sequences, but I wanted options to work independent weaves and fast angles to contacts. Before I worked any sequences I got in my 10 a-frame reps, with increasingly more responsibility on Teller to get into his box.

 This first sequence (left) was mainly a warm-up to get us both moving. As an aside I've been much more proactive about stretching and warm-up for both of us. I lead out here to just before #2 with Teller on my right. I wanted him to see the off-course jump and get his weave entry with me layering  the off-course jump. Success! I stayed behind him in the weaves pulling him around for a front cross to #4 and a front cross between #6 and #7. At the #8 weaves, I actually raced him through with Teller staying committed as I worked ahead of him.

The second sequence (right) was such a fast setup. I sent Teller #1, out to #2, front crossed after #4, front crossed after #5 and wrapped #6-#7. I liked this one so much we did it twice :-)

 And lastly, the third sequence was for all the marbles (in this case hot dogs). #1-#4 are pretty straight forward - I tried a pivot and push over #5 to the #6 teeter, but I just didn't like where that put me. What I found worked better for Teller was actually a send to #4 and a front cross between #5 and #6.

My initial plan for 7-8-9 was to send ahead through the weaves and call Teller over #8, push out to #9 and rear cross at #11. That didn't work as well as I expected it too - it was much harder to push out to #9 without being closer to #9.

And I did end up rear-crossing #11, send out to #12, call over #13 and pinwheel to the #17 a-frame.

I'm asking more of Teller relative to tight lines and keeping the bars up - and he's rising to the occaision. I had super weave entries and those fast independent weaves again. It was a great session - In exactly 15 minutes I accomplished everything I went out to accomplish and we even got in 40 minutes of ball in the yard while it was still mostly daylight - that's always a plus this time of year!

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