Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I've got Jumps in small places...

I set this course up for run-throughs the weekend after the beardie trial. I pulled bits of a couple different courses and added a few components of my own. It's one of my recent favorites as it combined so many of the interesting challenges from out last trial.

While it was not my intention to do so, I found this setup to ask more questions of the handlers than asked of the dogs. If the handlers answered these questions successfully - the dogs were successful too - of course that is generally the case isn't it?

With Teller I handled 2-3-4 as a serpentine, with a moving start, spin and send to the tunnel. Setup that way he never looked at the off-course (#10/#17) jump. There was less success for the folks who tried to call over #3 and rear cross to #4. A rear at #4 basically sent the dogs into the off-course tunnel - or interestingly to #8 - which I didn't see as an option when I set up the course.

I front crossed after four to the #5 tunnel which felt a little awkward and we lost a lot of momentum - but I think that was a matter of sharpness of the angles than it was the front cross.

My second segment was #6 through #12. I had to watch my own positioning as I was tempted to get too deep into #7 and not be in a good position for that inside line #8-#9-#10. All of the dogs were tempted by that #19 off-course. They all extended and moved out down the line and it was a strong pull to #11 and the weaves. The handlers that had the most success were the ones who sent to #10 from the -20/25 position and then pulled for #11.

I handled #14-#15-#15 as another serpentine - though it felt like an easier pull to #18. Obstacle #19 really made dogs and handlers think, most dogs willingly back-jumped #18 if their handlers did not support their path from #18-#19.

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