Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clowns on ice....

The pager kept me up most of last night - I think I had a grand total of 2 hours of sleep between the hours of 11:30 and when I finally gave up and got out of bed at 6:30...Surprisingly I didn't feel like crap today - usually when I'm up all night with the pager I have that awful hung-over feeling without the fun part of causing a hangover. Of course there's nothing on TV at 3am - except during the olympics. So I tuned into the USA vs Norway curling game (match? Trial?). I'm vaguely aware of the concept of curling - but I've never really paid much attention to the game. What got my attention in the wee hours of the morning though were the rodeo clowns standing along side of the ring (lane?). While my foggy brain is trying to make sense of clowns at an olympic sporting event, I realize that those were actually the Norwegian athletes. Interesting fashion sense guys.

Which means if I ever decide to take up curling - I won't need to go looking for a uniform - I think the smiley pants would fit in nicely on the clown team.

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