Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bearded Collie Club of America - January 1-3, 2010

We started the new year off with an agility trial. It felt good to get out and work after a long holiday break.

The weather was - well "New England in Winter". There were early predictions of a nor'easter that never materialized...and when I left Friday morning (earlier than I needed to) the roads were OK. Some parts of the interstate were heavily hard-panned, but mostly open and wet.

  • Friday was Excellent-only so we went down for JWW - and came out with a Q. What an awesome way to start off the year. That's MXJ leg #3.

  • Saturday morning I woke up earlier than I had intended to (I never sleep well at hotels) and it was good that I did. There was 3-4" of snow on the ground and the hotel was about 25 miles from the show site. As it was it took us about an hour to get there and the roads were not good at all. We started the day with FAST and had a scary moment when Teller crossed in front of me, I stepped on him and we both went down hard. The replay on video is awful - how neither of us broke something I don't know (and the clip did not make the highlight reel). It was horrific. Even with the collision and fall, we got up and finished the course - we were one second over qualifying - one point short. But it took both of us the second part of the run to get our wits back....And that was true for our Saturday Open STD run as well - we just weren't there as a team. We got better by the time Ex JWW rolled around, but two handling errors on my part blew the Q.

  • Sunday was a new day - and we're thankful for it. We had the same crappy weather driving to show grounds and it did this sort of greasy snowfall most of the day. Teller Q'ed (w/ first place) in Novice FAST to finish his NF title. (YAY WOO). In standard Teller blew his a-frame contact - one hit on the way down (see video) but had beautiful layered weaves. And the JWW run was lost on a handler error.

    The drive home on Sunday was something else. Lots of wet roads and hard pan. Lots of ice and blowing snow. Thankfully we were able to caravan with some other folks and we all made it home safely. It wasn't until we got off the highway in Williston though that I realized how much snow there was on the ground. I arrived home to 32" of snowfall and THANKFULLY a clean driveway and up to my steps. What a relief! It took us several more days to clean out the yard enough to let the dogs out the back door. Murphy was most displeased having to go potty in the driveway.

    So we're back to troubleshooting our a-frame contacts. The one hit that he's putting in going down is landing him just above the yellow - to add another stride he'd have to contract himself. So he needs to learn to collect a bit over the apex to leave room for that second stride into (in) the contact. I've been brainstorming how to correct the "two hit in training one hit in trial" dog and I think the answer is to lower the a-frame and get a bunch of reps in at the lower height...also try to get him to blow it in training, get in a no reward marker and fix it. All of this is easier said than done I think :-)

    The video from the beardie trial:
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