Saturday, January 16, 2010

20" and 24" weave poles

Several agility venues allow 24" weave pole spacing - though we haven't seen a lot of them in competition - until the last 6 months or so and now that seems to be all we're seeing. We've been working with 20" weaves at Waggles and Teller seems to "swim" a bit in the 24" weaves in trial. I really wanted to get him some good reinforcement and some training time in the 24" weaves - so...we bought some 24" weaves. They arrived on Wednesday and once I purchased the correct size bolts for the weave cups (that arrived with the wrong size) I was able to try them out last night. Of the two of my dogs it was Murphy (who has never seen 24" poles) who adapted immediately. Teller thought about it a little though it was nice to see him start extending in the larger spacing.

So today I'd thought I'd break out the two sets and run them side by side for the camera. I got some good shots of both poles and some independence in the poles I didn't really expect to get. Teller is such a good (honest) dog but sometimes he even manages to surprise me :-)

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