Monday, December 07, 2009

Yankee Golden Trial

Our last trial of the season - there will be time to recap - but that's not here, well it's here, but it's not now. And if I'm not making any sense - well that's probably to be expected.

So the trial this weekend was at "All Dogs Gym" in NH - I've heard so many awesome things about this place it was interesting to see it in person. This was the first AKC trial for this location that usually offers CPE and USDAA trials - and lots and lots of CPE/USDAA trials. Because there was equipment already there the host club didn't have to hire Max 200 to truck in equipment...there were problems with the USDAA specs and the AKC specs - the chute for example was an adorable doghouse with snoopy on top - but the opening was too small for AKC regs.

Of course this wasn't noticed or reported to the judges until the Ex STD course was setup and walked (and dogs lined up to run) which stopped the whole freakin' trial for 90 minutes while they went to find another chute (I think they went to someone's house to get their chute!). Saturday started at 8am with Ex FAST and ran until after 9pm finishing with Novice JWW. LONG day. We were the third dog on-line for Ex JWW and we still didn't get out of there until 7pm. There wasn't a chute delay on Sunday but we still didn't get on the road headed home until just before 7pm - which made for a very long ride home in the dark and snow.

Now for the Teller recap. We are only a week into his box work - and well, it's not there yet. Which is to be expected honestly - it's going to take a lot longer than a week to solidify the behavior. His FAST runs were fun - he's seeing lines and he's so tuned in that if I make a mistake he's responding to it. He comes right back, but there were clearly moments when I got myself into a position I didn't want to be, tried to move too soon, or took a line for granted (without telling him where to go). I saw some nice speed and continued confidence - he's really into the game right now and that's most important part of this endeavor. He'll come together and it's going to be brilliant!

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