Sunday, August 23, 2009

The joys of gravity...

Murphy and Teller had a long day yesterday - A LONG HUMID day starting with agility in the morning - and since there was a relatively small turnout both boys got several turns to play - working a couple of things each turn. Teller is still focusing on contacts - specifically the A-Frame contact. Then we came home and had a 45 minute swim session, then some obedience work and another swim. TIRED doggies. The result was two passed out golden retrievers by 8:30pm. I'm watching a movie and catching up on some work when I look over and see this:

Yeah - gravity is a bitch!

And then, just for fun, I rotated the image 180 degrees:

Alien Woo!

And this is how dogs are fundamentally different from children...I also posted this goofy picture on facebook without fear that someday the capturing and posting of this image would ever come back to bite me in psychotherapy years from now...Dogs are much harder to screw up :-)

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