Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LEAP May 23-25th, 2009 and catching up...

To say that I've been feeling a little flat out is an understatement. I feel like I'm zooming from one thing to another - with only the occasional opportunity to blink. Both boys are doing well - Murphy is enjoying his semi-retirement and Teller is coming along nicely.

This past weekend we found ourselves at the LEAP trial in Massachusetts. You may remember that Teller finished his NAP and NJP back in April and then I moved him up to 24" at the TMAC trial the first weekend of May (also our first outdoor trial of the season). The leap trial is at a different venue, same general area - and was a good opportunity to see what we've accomplished in the three weeks between TMAC and LEAP with limited training time.

We started the day with Novice STD - first class of the day - some assorted rushing to get there and settle in (me not him). It was an interesting course opening - chute to the weaves - we bongled the weave entry twice, got back on course then I overshot the table - but it was good enough for 2nd and a Q - surprisingly well under time.
Jumpers was a rush - He broke his startline before I was ready for him - forcing me to rear cross when I hadn't planned to rear cross - which put him wide around the first left-hand turn - which Teller SAVED for me by slicing a jump with an gazelle like leap! The rest of the run was so smooth - good enough for another 2nd and Q.

Holy cow I screwed up our standard run. We had a great sit-contact on the dog walk but from the teeter to the tunnel I didn't effectively communicate which end he should go into (wrong course), then coming around the back side I didn't support the broad jump and he jumped THROUGH the side (refusal). I did get a rear-cross on the weaves until I called him out prematurely (bad handler), then I failed to support the last jump (refusal) and he backjumped (wrong course) to get back to me....even with all of that he finished under time and did not seem to mind that his handler stunk up the course :-)
Jumpers on Sunday was HOT and Muggy - he ran just before a T-Storm rumbled though - it was a nice clean run for his NAJ title, but also a 1st and Q!


JWW was first on Monday - I had planned to run the first line one way - and ended up running it differently - I expected to be further ahead of him after the tunnel and I wasn't - this cost us a refusal, but the rest of the run was GORGEOUS - 2nd and Q!
We somehow ended up being the last dog of the trial to run on Monday...I miscued the tunnel (refusal - but not a wrong course). I was more or less pleased with everything else - given the distraction of the packing up, the heat and humidity and of course my mis-cues at the weaves...1st and Q!

We're going to work weave entries this week and startlines :-)

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