Saturday, April 25, 2009

It might be spring!

A busy Saturday around here - out to Waggles to setup for agility run-throughs - run-throughs from 10:30 through 12:30. Then I had a rally class from 12:45 through 1:45 (that always goes until 2 at least). I expected certain people in the class and set up one thing and ended up seeing different dogs instead - which is fine - just not what I planned today.

After class I ran up to Ruth's to help setup the agility equipment that's been in storage all winter. By the time I got there things were basically done and setup but Ruth had setup supplies for root better and orange floats - who knew how good orange soda was with vanilla ice cream? It's like a big creamsicle hug!!! Totally hit the spot considering the rush of my morning when I had a piece of cheese in the car on my way to Waggles and hadn't had time yet for lunch!

Tom set up a course from last weekend's trial - the excellent standard course - which I'd really wanted to walk/run but didn't have an Ex STD dog :-) It was 89 degrees here today - a shock to all of our systems - heat is tough on my dogs - they spend too much time sheltered inside out of the elements. Anyway...Teller is so new to this that I don't really know what I'm going to get when I expose him to something new (like in this case OUTSIDE). I need to trust him more - if there's a theme here its that he is what I've put into him - no more no less. He's incredibly honest - he does what he knows. So I bring him up to the line and he's sniffy but gosh as soon as I put him on the line and took the leash off he's ALL BUSINESS. He was fast and he was clean - a clean run on an excellent course on his first time working outdoors in 7 months! He is so much fun to run - grab my butt and RUN!!!

So we're ready for TMAC next weekend I think - where my only goal is to trust him more - to try to run him in trial like I run him in practice...easier than it sounds :-)

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