Saturday, March 14, 2009

Collie Club Obedience

Teller, Murph and I went down to the Collie Club All-Breed rally and obedience trial yesterday. Teller's first time in Open A and we also entered Rally Novice. It's a small show so I moved up to Open - with the expectation of going out, having fun and seeing where we were. We had some great moments and some puppy moments...Teller stayed engaged the whole time and I know where our holes are and what we'll keep working on.

Teller's rally run was very nice - and I felt like we got to regroup. It was a really long day though - We were on-site at 7:30 on Friday morning, ran Open at 10:30 and our rally run was 4:45 - which meant that I hit Manchester at rush hour! Oh well - the DST actually helped as most of my drive was in daylight - a beautiful thing!

I experimented with the GlycoCharge - Murphy does well with it at agility trials and I thought I'd see what it did for Teller - well - lets just say that he does not need any more incentive to be a wild-child...I think we'll save that for Murphy.

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