Friday, January 16, 2009

Life in the deep freeze

It was -25 when I woke up this morning and -22 when I drove to work this morning...That's beyond cold - that's brutal.

The boys are a little bit stir crazy, I'm not far behind. Murphy is a weather wimp - goes outside and starts lifting paws up and making that really sad face. It's pathetic. Teller doesn't seem to mind the cold - never has. When he came home at 8 weeks we had a snap of negative 5 degrees and he blissfully galloped around in the snow. It's been below zero since Wednesday - Thursday was tough - not enough activities for the dogs, tonight - they were READY to go! Off to waggles we went for some obedience practice. Teller worked through an open routine and then a utility routine - one exercise at a time. Val came out too and gave me a lot of help with utility procedural stuff. Things that I was doing to "help" Teller that wasn't helping him - like my hand signal for go-outs - which I faded and he did his go-out anyway :-) When I faded the hand I did a weird chin thing on the go outs...(sigh). Worked out some footwork on the moving stand and signals exercises and worked the directed retrieve for the first time with Teller - Turns out that's not going to be an issue either...

It was nice to get an obedience practice in - we've been doing a lot of agility - and my guys have been having a blast - but it's nice to focus on the obedience stuff in a slightly more deliberate manner.

Week Six of my CGC class tomorrow morning, I'm a little bummed that I'll miss their test next week while we're in Queensbury, but I'll get a full report I'm sure.

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