Friday, November 28, 2008

Photos from around here...

I've been regularly grabbing the camera to take shots of the boys - but haven't had time time to download them from the camera and then upload them to the blog (or website)...Just not enough hours in the day I guess...I'll make more frequent uploads a resolution for next year!

When my folks moved out of state I got a bunch of furniture that FILLED my garage. I got the garage cleaned out now and moved this chair and ottoman into the den. Teller decided that the ottoman was fun because it rolled - which was hysterically funny - but also that the upholstered chair was a pretty cozy place to take a nap.

This series is from a few weeks ago - October-ish - look at how everything is GREEN!!! The squirrels were extra busy making their rounds that day which kept Teller pretty busy defending his yard.

The funny thing is that as I was working through a customer problem this afternoon a squirrel climbed up on the door and made a knocking sound - Teller was NOT impressed.

See what happens when you start using peanut butter as a reward for toenail dremeling time? The only drawback is that everyone who opens your fridge wants to know why you have peanut butter in syringes...

Part two - aren't they cute?

And here's a shot of the three boys passed out on the couch the other night...From left to right: Q, Teller and Murphy.

As always you can view the full-sized images by clicking on them.

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