Saturday, November 22, 2008

Indira Gandhi had a golden retriever...and some HSUS ranting.

I ran across this picture the other day - it came in the context of the Obama family decision to get a dog for the children, and what kinds of dogs other world leaders kept as pets...Indira Gandhi had several golden retrievers in her lifetime. I tried and failed to find out this dog's name...

There's a lot of buzz surrounding the new presidential pet - I've heard that the Obamas have been offered strays from Puerto Rico, hairless dogs from Peru (the Inca orchids), poodle mixes (I refuse to call them doodles) and some various other breeds that are totally unsuitable if as we've heard over and over again that one of the girls has a dog allergy. Honestly I think we've got so many other problems in this country that what kind of dog they get just isn't even on my top 10...Can we please just fix the economy?

My perception is that Obama has been lured into the animal rights zone by organizations like the Humane Society of the US (H$U$) - a powerful lobbying group - that breeding dogs is cruel and causes shelter dogs to die, etc. I won't rehash all of the real facts that are out there but mention this - the HSUS doesn't run a single shelter, they didn't adopt a single dog last year (not to be confused with your local "Humane Society" which is probably self or community funded and adopted out a TON of dogs last year).

The HSUS mouthpieces have been very clear that their ultimate goal is mandatory spay and neuter of all puppies and kittens which would ultimately mean the end of domesticated animals as pets in a single generation...Is anyone doing the math here?

As Cassy so succinctly said the last time this topic came up: "Where do people think their dogs will come from after mandatory spay and neuter? The Puppy Fairy?"

We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding. ... One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding."

-- Wayne Pacelle, Senior Vice-President oF HSUS, formerly of Friends for Animals; Quoted in Animal People, May, 1993

And then there's PETA - which most people think is on the side of animals right? Not so fast, did you know that Peta euthanizes upwards of 80% of the animals they take in for adoption?...

These aren't good organizations! They are adept at marketing, they are proficient fundraisers and expert lobbyists. So many pet lovers send money to the HSUS thinking that they are helping animals - when they are in fact filling the war chests of a scary political powerhouse.

Why shouldn't we be concerned that the HSUS contributed to Obama's campaign? Why shouldn't we be really concerned when the HSUS endorses a candidate?

Whatever breed the Obamas bring home I hope that it is loved and cared for (though the fact that the president has a dog handler on staff full-time helps out considerably towards that end). I also hope that whatever breed they get doesn't become a fad like cocker spaniels did after Nixon's dog "Checkers" - everyone had to have one and the breed suffered for their popularity - being popular is never good for a dog breed.

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