Sunday, November 02, 2008

BOTC Day Two

The Burlington Obedience Training Club's 2008 Obedience and Rally trial is officially in the books! All of the "stuff" that had to be setup is now broken down and packed away in the trailer - hopefully all of our exhibitors are home sitting on their sofas, sipping some tea and planning to go to bed early and I'm relaxing at home putting together today's video for your viewing pleasure :-)

Teller was FULL of himself today - really amp'ed up and I wonder if that's how he reflects "I'm tired". Or if he didn't get enough warm-up. Or he switched brains with Riva (again). He definitely had some distractions today and once again had a hard time not mugging judges, he worked like a green dog today - which is what I should have gotten a month ago! This is something we will regroup and work on some more. At this point we've got a seminar next weekend and then we're DONE until March. That's a long winter of training and perfecting what we have - I don't know at this point if he'll come out in Novice again or if I'll move him up to open - My plan is to work open and utility but keep him out in Novice for a while.

Rally novice went fine - I expected it to (honestly), he started off a little out of sync - but the way things went he came out of his crate and into the ring without a warm-up (a lot of the novice A dogs had stay conflict so they moved onto the B class without any warning) there was a miscommunication on a left u-turn but we fixed it (without a tight leash and only a single out of position). We lost placement by time but still ended up high scoring golden retriever (more toys)...

Overall, a super weekend - a TIRING weekend - and at this moment (but I'm sure not so much in a few weeks) I'm actually looking forward to the winter off...We'll keep busy - and the blog will get updated, so this isn't a sign-off just a {sigh}.

Title photos by Ruth:

Canadian Champion

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Today's video:

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