Saturday, November 01, 2008

BOTC Day One

Another great day at the dog show! The weather was gorgeous and the people were seemingly all in good spirits - that always makes things go smoothly!

Teller started the day in the novice Obedience ring. You know it's going to be an interesting day when the judge somewhat casually mentioned that he'd seen Teller working in the match last night and "he was SMOKIN'". Umm, OK well that's setting awfully high expectations now isn't it? Then as we're setting up for the heel on leash and Teller is vibrating (yes VIBRATING) he asks me "How many cups of coffee did he have today" - {SIGH}. We had some not so pretty moments as he was somewhat distracted by all of the energy in the space (plus the dumbbells FLYING in the next ring). But he held it together, there are pieces that aren't pretty - but he came back to work and I'm SOOO darn proud to report that my baby Woo (still 21 months) managed to get his CD in just three trials - I never would have expected a baby dog to pull that off - especially given how much of a baby dog he still is in so many ways (like wanting to mug the judge between exercise - he was FASCINATED by Mr Whitney!!!

Then off to the rally ring for Novice Rally and while I'm standing there at the gate looking at the running order this woman comes up to me and asks "are you the woman who owns the absolutely STUNNING male golden retriever?"
Me: "Ummmm, maybe?"
"He's the most beautiful golden I have ever seen in my life - I watched him at the NOMAD NADAC trial in August and I was just floored at how handsome he was"
Me: "Wow, thank you"
"I was down at an agility trial a few weeks ago and I was talking to a golden retriever person and she brought out this beautiful female golden and I told her that she had a gorgeous dog and that she was the second most beautiful golden that I'd ever seen - that the first was this dog I saw at the NADAC trial in Vermont...."

It turns out the bitch she was talking about was none other than Teller's littermate Truly!!! What a small world! It was an amazing compliment and I was thrilled that I got to hear it. Woo is definitely winning over the public with his personality and looks!

Anyhow, back to rally. Teller went in the ring and owned it! I made a mistake with the leash and cost us a point and then there was some crowding on the 360 left - which were totally my fault. He finished with a score of 97 and was 4th by time. That was Teller's second RN leg - earning the first one at the nationals. To make Teller's afternoon he also was high scoring golden and won toys!! More than I could carry (he was only too happy to help carry them out for me)...

Teller is ZONKED out tonight - sprawled over my legs on the couch - a little bead of drool on his lips. The Wooie will sleep tonight (a-whema-whet, a-whema-whet, a-whema-whet).

Tomorrow is another day - we'll try for a bumper leg under Bob Harris (we couldn't have titled tomorrow because Bob was the obedience judge at the GRCA Specialty and AKC rules are still three legs under three judges) and try for a third rally novice leg.

We go back to eastern standard time tonight - falling back one hour - it'll be nice to get that extra hour of sleep tonight but the shorter days can really be quite a drag on the ol' psyche! I generally don't make use of the daylight in the early morning - totally not a morning person - so I don't really have daylight gain...Now, if I were emperor - that'd be the first thing I'd change (OK maybe not the first).

Of course I got all of this on video - and of course I put the runs to music (that may be the dressage rider in me).

P.S. - Teller (and Murphy too) is actually tired tonight - passed out on the couch. The key metric here is that I went to take a shower and he didn't move - that is VERY uncharacteristic for Teller.

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