Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby its cold outside

Yeah, I tend to complain about the heat and the cold - I'm a middle of the road person myself. I have a very narrow comfort zone - if it's above 80 or below 30 I'm not a happy camper. I woke up Tuesday to three inches of snow - not enough to shovel - but enough to make my fellow drivers loose their little brains so driving to work was a real bugger with accidents all over the place causing traffic to backup everywhere. Right now it's hovering around 20 degrees and I'm not happy about it! I came home and the house (which is usually set at 68 degrees was 66 degrees. I turned up the thermostat to get the chill out and it didn't get any warmer - so...I flipped out. Having been through a week of below zero with no heat a few years ago - I'm ultra sensitive to when the furnace isn't on - so I cranked the heat to 80 - and nothing!! I guess I was just too cold to be patient because as I was looking up the number to call for service I noticed that it had gotten quite warm in here - so lesson for the night, be patient (and long underwear is your friend).

The boys are doing well. Murphy is really enjoying agility right now - I've adopted the train don't practice vibe from the Bobbie Anderson seminar and have been breaking things down with him, rewarding more often. I'm switching up my contact behavior with both boys - and stopping to reward every contact. I'm doing the same thing with Teller breaking things down, rewarding more often and not trying specifically to get through a sequence. Teller is also working open and utility obedience stuff and seems to be doing well with that. We hadn't worked any open stuff in a couple of months, but when I broke out the dumbbell and broad jump it was right where I left it - needing some polish - but he understands the exercises...

I hadn't planned to enter any shows until March - I'm not sure I can hold myself to that one - I'm thinking about doing one of the trials down in Amherst, NH in January - knowing full-well that I might need to add a day on either side if the weather gets really bad and we get stuck somewhere. Fortunately Q loves Nancy so if I need someone to do kitty duty he'll be well taken care of...Both of those trials have FAST so it'd be a chance to get three runs in each day - yes SIX runs a day total...With that thought still in my brain I'd better go do some treadmill work before I dremel doggie toe nails!

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