Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two for Two for Teller-Woo!!!

Val (Huxley's mom) and I left at the crack of dawn (OK, it was 7am) to drive down to American K9 Country for the Souhegan Kennel Club show. I had intended to enter both days but it didn't work out (gee, thanks Rau) so instead of doing the hotel thing I did the day trip thing - 3 hours each way but it's all highway so it's an easy drive - made easier given the fact that I actually get sleep at night - going on 5 months now. We got there at 10:30ish thinking that we'd be on around noon - but of course we didn't end up showing until 2:45. Teller is so green I don't know what works for him in terms of getting to a new location and then working - he's never gone to an obedience trial the morning of the trial without the benefit of seeing the place beforehand (granted this is only his second trial ever so...). For Murphy this was a big deal and something he always struggled with - he really needed to get there the afternoon before, look around and then figure out where all the boogiemen were. Teller isn't Murphy though so I'm still feeling him out for what makes him tick.

After I'd setup his crate and brought in the rest of the stuff from the car I took him out to see what I might have. My routine has always been to let Smurf settle in his crate, take him out just before we go in, have a quick potty break and then a quick warm-up and tune in. Teller came out of his crate and gave me nice attention and some nice connected heeling. Cool! So I put him away again until the class started, pottied him, worked him slightly with high rate of reinforcement and then put him away again until the first group of dogs were doing groups. Then he came out and warmed up - it was really tight quarters but it just wasn't an issue for him while we were serpentining through dogs and their handlers.

He had some crooked sits - mostly because he's coming around to look at my face - something we will work on (there's always something). We had some leaping on the off-leash fast - which we'll work on too - but I don't want to curb his enthusiasm so we'll be really careful about that. I made a big error on the recall when I left him I wasn't clear that it was a wait and not a stand - so he stood as soon as I gave the signal but stayed there until I called him - 5 points that I had to swallow - but I'm totally OK with that!

So he finished with a 186 - I'm pleased with him and he's pleased with himself. I promised him a cheeseburger but ended up getting him some munchkins from Dunkin' Doughnuts instead (surprisingly no McD's in that area) - which he shared with Murphy (who thinks "free" munchkins are pretty cool).

Here's the video - Thanks Caroline for stepping up to man the camera!


Unknown said...

Hello there!

It is so cool to see you and Teller in action. You are both stars! He is a happy boy and gorgeous too. I'd love to have Gracie meet your boys. Let's do it sometime.

Glo :-)

Unknown said...

Hey Dude,

Your blog is great. I love seeing you and Teller in action! You guys are awesome! He is so gorgeous and a happy boy too. I'd love Gracie to meet your boys. Let's do it sometime.