Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The first snow of the season...

Living in Vermont snowy weather is something that we all accept. October usually brings some flurries (spitting snow) and November brings some snow that accumulates. Its somewhat unusual given the lake influence that we get snow that sticks to the ground - so when the obnoxiously perky weatherman smiled and forecasted snow for tonight I presumed he was being dramatic...Well, now we've got two inches of heavy wet snow outside actually sticking to the grass, trees and my deck. I worry mostly about the trees as a lot of them still have leaves - that's a lot of extra weight for the branches to support.

When we came home from class tonight the boys had their first snow frolic - if it wasn't so damn dark I'd have taken some pictures - Teller (who rolled in something stinky this morning and had his second bath and blow dry of the week) got in a good wallow in the snow that didn't result in another bath (thank DOG - because I don't think my drains can handle a third bath without a dose of foaming pipe snake).

It's not going below freezing tonight so I suspect that most if not all of the snow will be gone tomorrow am...its just another sign that we're deep into fall now and winter is only just around the corner. If there's a bright spot in all of this the miserable constant cold drizzle and wet snow today gave me the impetus to make some homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner: juiced celery, beans, carrots, basil and lots of fresh coursely ground pepper - it's like a big warm hug from the inside... {{{grin}}}

I'm still oncall through Friday morning and then we've got BOTC on Saturday and Sunday - no rest for the wicked!

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