Sunday, October 05, 2008

Feels like fall....

I was due for a lazy day at home - just didn't turn out so lazy! I'm on-call this week (and last week too) so sleep is hard to get these days - and when I do sleep it means someone else got the pages - whoops - sorry! Last night was bad, 1am through to 5pm with misc pages - most of which I slept through - then all day today with various pages. Most were actionable so ultimately it's OK (and good money) but I will be heading to bed early tonight!!

I caved and turned on the furnace yesterday am - I woke up and I was COLD. Fall always sneaks up on me and I'm never ready for it. I always try not to turn on the furnace until October 15th, but two nights ago it was 30 degrees overnight and my house was 49 degrees in the morning - that's just not right!!

I went grocery shopping yesterday which was long past due because of nationals last week and then prep for nats the week before - I didn't want to leave food in the fridge so I worked my way through the yogurt and pantry items instead of shopping...You know it's bad when you're even out of canned soup!!! So today I thought I'd try to get ahead for the week and did some cooking: corn chowder, italian wedding soup and meat balls now all nicely packaged in the fridge for easy nuking and lunches during the week. Yesterday I had this overwhelming craving for some curry but decided that crusty bread and some fresh chevre would just have to do instead. I can cook curry and it's most often very tasty but then my house smells like curry for a week and that drives me nuts, especially the next morning! I was told that if the smell of curry lingers after it's been cooked and put away that you've used too much oil in the paste - but I've created curry stink using the store-bought paste with very little oil - so it just might be me!

I worked Teller a bit in obedience today, the squirrels are out of their minds right now and are zipping all over the place oblivious to the dogs - who REALLY want to chase them! Teller did some really nice off-leash heeling while squirrels were zipping around him with their nutty treasures - we have Souhegan next weekend and thankfully I think I can guarantee that the building will be SQUIRREL FREE!!! But if there are squirrels I know he can work around them! Rau is the super for this trial - in the past they had a wonderful secretary - a club member I think, anyhow Rau screwed up my entry - putting me in Amherst on Saturday and some show in New Jersey on Sunday....ummm...what sense does that make? I know I entered correctly, hopefully they'll be able to fix it, otherwise I'll skip the hotel and just drive down Saturday AM and come back the same day. I have a friend who's only going down for the one day so if that's what I decide to do I've got a road buddy and we can split gas and go down in my rig...

Oh - in other news....Teller's commercial is airing now and I'm hearing from all these people who have seen it - they love this and they love that and wow he's so happy...but I haven't seen it yet!!! I guess it takes some time to get into the rotation - their old one is still playing everytime I've seen a PFW commercial. I hope to get the DVD soon and I have permission to post it on YouTube when I get it, so it'll be posted here (indirectly) too.

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