Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs...

Today was the annual Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs event - sponsored by Pet Food Warehouse, Natura (Innova, California Natural) and Eagle Pack. The whole museum opens to dogs and local groups and businesses setup booths or demos. I went for BOTC and did an obedience demo with Teller (and sort of demo'ed with Murphy).

The demos went well - spectators were polite and appreciative...Teller was awesome!!! He did not one, not two but four sessions in the ring - each time he was honest and stayed in the game - a little longing leer on an about turn (off-leash) at a little girl standing over the ring gating eating ice cream - but came right back into heel without another command. His heelwork was nice, his recalls and stand for exams were super and his stays...well...let's just say I was really pleased with him...Not one but TWO dogs broke while lined up next to him - and by broke I mean galloped after their owners - Teller looked at me totally puzzled like "what the heck are they doing - don't they know they're supposed to stay?" and I swear he smirked when they got in trouble and put back in line :-)

We had 6 dogs take the CGC test and probably 40 people try rally with their dogs...A good day I think!!! No pictures unfortunately - got too busy.

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