Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rolling ponies...

You know how a clean pony always rolls as soon as you turn it out? I mean right off the trailer from a show they find the most succulent patch of mud and they wallow? Mrs. B - was very skilled at this. Well when they took my split off today for x-rays and a permanent cast I scratched - and scratched and scratched - grinning from ear to ear...and it's only been a week!!! Can't imagine what'll happen in 4 weeks when I get this bugger off for good!

Mrs. B (half hippo/half pony)- post-bath roll - I can still hear the campers screaming in semi-disgust!

The good news is that I'm sort of typing two handed again - whew - what a relief - I might be able to get work done again!!! I can also move my elbow - yay!! I was so happy with my new limited mobility...also my pain is gone - the pain I was having yesterday and today was the splint pushing against my wrist bone and was pressure sore - that's gone now - and while the cast is cumbersome it only goes to my knuckles and mid-way down my forearm.

So! Progress!! It makes more things possible!!

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