Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rhode Island here we come!!!

Oh our bags are packed (except for the stuff in the dryer), we're ready to go...the truck is waiting, I hope it won't snow...We're LEEEAVING for Rhode Island - can't wait to go to nationals...Apologies to John Denver for butchering his song...

OK, a bit of creative license there...Finally almost packed - a couple of pairs of jeans in the dryer and the laptop will wait until later (or the morning). I've been to the grocery store and we've got water, snacks and soda (a point of note it is NOT easy to load a case of water in your rig with a broken wrist (sigh).

Ran errands all freakin' day - but...we're ready!! Anything that's forgotten can be purchased on the road...Oh and Kara - I bought some blueberry vodka - YUMMMMMM!

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