Saturday, September 27, 2008

GRCA National Specialty Recap....

What a week in Rhode Island...Here's a recap of our successes (yes, plural), some video and some pictures:

BEASTLY HOT for late September - well over 80 degrees and so muggy setting up the tents, crates, chairs, etc. BUT the club was wonderful and had golf carts helping us drag stuff out into the field....

YGRC Agility. OK we confirmed that Murphy MUCH prefers indoor trials. Teller was outstanding in all of his runs - videos were hit or miss but I've posted his JWW run from Monday. No Q's and some baby mistakes but holy cow he's fun to run!!!

GRCA Agility. Q and 4th place for Teller in JWW on what I'd consider a trappy course for novice dogs, lots of turns and changes of direction - super run, well under time and we had SOOO Much fun. No video though (bummer).

Day off!! Well deserved too - I had 12 agility runs Monday and Tuesday (3 runs each dog, 6 runs a day for two days). I did some shopping and tried to give the boys some time to relax. Sister Diva took forth in BBE with Kara.

Our busy day!!! Teller started with AmBred with Graeme and made the first two cuts - was at one point in 3rd place but finished 6th (though I thought it was 5th) - out of a class of 30 I'm thrilled - way to go Wooie. As soon as he finished in the breed ring we ran (literally) up to the obedience ring for Novice B - another swing out of the park for my Woo - 189.5 and his first Obedience leg (first try). As soon as the class was pinned we raced off to the CCA where Teller (who was at this point finally tired) passed his CCA too!!!

Rain like you wouldn't believe - seriously Warwick got over 2.5 inches of rain - it was SOOOO wet! We had rally first thing and they had moved rally to the side of the tent (where dogs had pottied all week long (and at the portie specialty the week before). Teller knocked another one out of the park with a score of 99 (one tight leash which was totally me fumbling with the leash on a right finish with my cast). He missed 4th place out of 80 dogs by a second...So proud of my Woo!!!

Pack up and drive home...Make videos and update the blog :-)

Thursday's Obedience Run

Monday's Agility and Thursdays AmBred Class:

Pictures from Thursday Conformation:

The Exam....


The point...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rhode Island here we come!!!

Oh our bags are packed (except for the stuff in the dryer), we're ready to go...the truck is waiting, I hope it won't snow...We're LEEEAVING for Rhode Island - can't wait to go to nationals...Apologies to John Denver for butchering his song...

OK, a bit of creative license there...Finally almost packed - a couple of pairs of jeans in the dryer and the laptop will wait until later (or the morning). I've been to the grocery store and we've got water, snacks and soda (a point of note it is NOT easy to load a case of water in your rig with a broken wrist (sigh).

Ran errands all freakin' day - but...we're ready!! Anything that's forgotten can be purchased on the road...Oh and Kara - I bought some blueberry vodka - YUMMMMMM!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs...

Today was the annual Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs event - sponsored by Pet Food Warehouse, Natura (Innova, California Natural) and Eagle Pack. The whole museum opens to dogs and local groups and businesses setup booths or demos. I went for BOTC and did an obedience demo with Teller (and sort of demo'ed with Murphy).

The demos went well - spectators were polite and appreciative...Teller was awesome!!! He did not one, not two but four sessions in the ring - each time he was honest and stayed in the game - a little longing leer on an about turn (off-leash) at a little girl standing over the ring gating eating ice cream - but came right back into heel without another command. His heelwork was nice, his recalls and stand for exams were super and his stays...well...let's just say I was really pleased with him...Not one but TWO dogs broke while lined up next to him - and by broke I mean galloped after their owners - Teller looked at me totally puzzled like "what the heck are they doing - don't they know they're supposed to stay?" and I swear he smirked when they got in trouble and put back in line :-)

We had 6 dogs take the CGC test and probably 40 people try rally with their dogs...A good day I think!!! No pictures unfortunately - got too busy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

updates and thoughts...

I made a tough decision today - I'm going to scratch Teller from the junior hunt test at the national specialty. He's not ready yet - bumpers yes, birds no. I ran out of time and I don't want him to have a bad experience and its just stupid to bring him out in field stuff right now...That still leaves agility, obedience, rally, breed and the CCA for him - which is enough for both of us. That means the end of our quest for the triathalon award - but there's a lot more time to show his versatility - he can do it, but he needs more time and I need a better idea of what I need to be doing.

His agility and obedience work is going like gangbusters, he's SUCH a little worker and I'm starting to realize just how different my boys are! Murphy has always struggled to focus, especially new places - Teller and I have gone to 4 different outdoor locations this week to work obedience - and every time he comes out of the car he's ready to work - nice focus and his usual full-on attitude. The more people who are watching him the better he is. On the agility course he's still green - but so so so fast, tuned in and really enjoying himself out there - in obedience too. I am having so much fun training both dogs these days, it doesn't matter what happens at nats.

Murphy isn't working a lot right now, he's having some time off and just playing agility - that's all he's entered for Nats - granted he's doing novice FAST (we don't have trails with FAST around here), Open Standard and Excellent Jumpers both days (as is Teller) so he'll get plenty of work in RI.

Both boys are adapting to my cast and handling - probably more than I have honestly...Working agility on my left is really hard for both of them right now - so I have to be more clear but it's OK and its TEMPORARY!!!!!

I'm still feeling bummed about my wrist - its frustrating in a cast - I just can't do some of the things I've always done - one of the most frustrating things is the boy's toenails - I have to beg people to dremel for me. I was getting ready for bed the other night and instinctively tried to take my cast off (nice try right?). It doesn't hurt anymore and I can type two handed again - and have quite a bit of movement in my wrist in the cast - enough to flex my wrist to type - so that's helpful. I need to bust out my monthly reports tomorrow at work. It's nice to be able to use the hand again - this weekend I'm going to vacuum!

This Sunday is Shelburne Museum Goes to the dogs - Murphy and Teller are both going, it should be a fun day - Teller will get to do obedience demos and Murphy will work the crowd as a therapy dog and my assistant for CGC testing. I'll try to get some videos and pictures if I can get someone to operate the camera...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rumble 2008 - Murphy and Q

Finally filmed Murph and Q playing last night...They do this almost every night -especially on nights when Teller got to train and Murphy didn't - which has improved Murphy's work ethic considerably!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rolling ponies...

You know how a clean pony always rolls as soon as you turn it out? I mean right off the trailer from a show they find the most succulent patch of mud and they wallow? Mrs. B - was very skilled at this. Well when they took my split off today for x-rays and a permanent cast I scratched - and scratched and scratched - grinning from ear to ear...and it's only been a week!!! Can't imagine what'll happen in 4 weeks when I get this bugger off for good!

Mrs. B (half hippo/half pony)- post-bath roll - I can still hear the campers screaming in semi-disgust!

The good news is that I'm sort of typing two handed again - whew - what a relief - I might be able to get work done again!!! I can also move my elbow - yay!! I was so happy with my new limited mobility...also my pain is gone - the pain I was having yesterday and today was the splint pushing against my wrist bone and was pressure sore - that's gone now - and while the cast is cumbersome it only goes to my knuckles and mid-way down my forearm.

So! Progress!! It makes more things possible!!