Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tellerific Day at the NADAC Trial

I entered Teller in the local NADAC trial because I wanted to see where he was training-wise. He's super in practice - how does that hold up in competition? We're entered at the National and I needed to validate that decision. I chose to start him in NADAC instead of AKC because I don't compete in NADAC events and I hoped that I wouldn't be tempted to go for legs and titles (thus freeing things up to have fun with Teller while not applying any pressure) and because NADAC allows training in the ring (if something was broken I could spend time to fix it instead of getting whistled out of the ring.

So we got up at 5:30 (AM) and left the house around 6:15ish - got to Topnotch Field around 7 - the classes ran Elite, Open then Novice and started with Chances, Weavers, Standard 1, Standard 2, Hoopers and finally Jumpers. Two things worth noting before I outline the runs. First is that hoopers is a weird class without intuitive rules - I was entered with Teller because I opted for the "Costco Package" that included all of the runs for a discounted price and also because I figured if I needed it I could use it for a startline training and boogie out of the ring... Second...both the weavers class and the touch and go class had hoops in them - which Teller had never seen before. So I make my way over to the practice hoop and sent Teller through it - not an issue - he got it (he didn't see the point - but he got it). OK Onward and upward - here's the rundown from today:

The first class of the day - the real test of what Teller is going to do. He held a nice startline and other than getting sucked back into the tunnel (not sure what happened there), then me failing to support him on the second half of the gamble and then choosing the tunnel over the dogwalk on the discrimination it was a nice run - more things to be pleased than to be concerned about. Other than that weird Tunnel thing he was with me and focused the entire time - SO much fun!!! Chances is pass/fail - and we failed BUT - even with that nonsense he was under time in a venue with MUCH tighter times than AKC.

Weavers uses the same course for all three levels - a very trappy course for a baby dog - Tunnel to hoop to hoop to weaves with a tunnel off the second hoop. Teller eyed in on that tunnel and galloped happily through it - I can't fault him for enjoying himself - and he got his off-side entry when he came back. Another couple of bobbles but he finished just a bit over time even with all of those mistakes - and from the video he's ABSOLUTELY having fun!!! Second Place!

Standard 1:
Another nice run and I'm bummed it wasn't on video - it was "filmed" but I can't find it on the camera - I think the videographer forgot to hit the record button - no big deal. It was a beautiful run but Teller knocked two bars - both were my fault when I wasn't clear with direction and he looked over his shoulder to see where I was and what was next. First Place!

Standard 2:
Super run - Gawd I love my WOO!!! Clean run 15 seconds under time (remember this is NADAC time)! Second Place and standard leg.

Touch and GO:
Teller was ON FIRE! He's now running his fifth class of the day and he's STILL fast, STILL having fun, listening and getting his contacts. Well under time and a second place by tenths of a second.

I did a HUGE lead-out on this one and totally failed to support him on the three jumps that I had led out. He got the first one and went around #2. So I took him back and he never disconnected - we had to go back for a couple of jumps (my fault for again not supporting him and also baby/green dog stuff) - but he stayed in the game and when all was said and done he was only slightly over time (can you believe that). Fourth Place!

We didn't leave grounds until 7:45 PM!!! It was a LONG day and I'm still up! I haven't eaten dinner yet either - so I think I'll skip dinner and go to bed after I get the video uploaded. In all I think Teller got better with each run (jumpers was 100% my fault) and I'm so pleased that he's coming together so darn well...He's a SUPER WOO!

Not to outdone, Murphy wasn't entered but came along for the ride. Some old friends stopped by to see the boys - missed Teller's run but Murphy came out to say hello. The kids were really into dogs and wanted to see Murph weave (he was happy to show off) and jump. Afterwards the kids lined up and got to jump Murphy over a jump (take a jump, get a cookie - nice work if you can get it). The kids were all late with their jump commands so I just sent Murph over the jump and had the kids running next to him - they thought they did it and Murph got lots of cookies and some much appreciated attention (center of attention).

Teller is ACTUALLY tired - but he's also very pleased with himself - I swear he's SMILING!!! It's nearly 11pm and I've got to get up at 5:30 tomorrow - I suspect I'll wake up at 5:30 and then lounge in bed (can you technically lounge in bed at 5:30am?) until 6 and then get myself on the road. I can't wait to see what he does tomorrow!!!

Here are the runs from today:

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