Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well 5:30 this morning came WAY TOO freakin early for my liking. It was cool this morning and super foggy on the interstate driving down to Stowe. Once we got there the sun came out and it was moderately hot - I was definitely a shade-seeking critter for sure! Here's the run-down from today's runs:

Standard I:
In all a good start - We had a bobble at the offside weave entry - but he came back OK and did a good job - I need to support him more on some jumps - he's a green dog who's doing really well - but he's still a green dog and I have to remember that. Second Place!

Standard II:
Comic relief for the day! Again I need to support him more and work on contact/tunnel discrimination. I haven't done a lot of this with him and certainly need to work more. Another offside bobble at the weaves - this time he popped out at pole four, came back in and popped out at pole four then got them - Again, I didn't support him enough in the weaves and we got disconnected (it was really me not him). He did manage to pick up the cone at the end of the dogwalk (while hitting his contact) and carry it through the rest of the course (several jumps and the Aframe).

I did an alternate jumpers course - I didn't walk it because I didn't want to be tempted to do more than I should have - so I did a two jump lead-out, was VERY careful to support him on the jumps that I had lead out, then did a left turn and partied out over the last jump - I needed to be a better handler than I was in the standard run and in this case that meant making the jumpers run SUPER successful and ensure that I didn't make any mistakes with him. He's such a giving dog when he's working and I need to hold up my end of the team.

Touch and Go:
Teller seems to like the touch and go - though neither of us really understand those damn hoop things!!! TnG had tunnels, hoops, the dogwalk and the A-Frame. I haven't done hoops with Teller because I didn't think we'd see them in anything but hoopers. We got around the first 3/4 of the course without a problem then he came out of a tunnel and I cued him to the hoop and he didn't understand what I was asking - so we had to regroup and then finish the course - we did regroup and finished successfully. Another Second Place.

I knew that Teller would LOVE this class and he totally did - a course of just tunnels!!! His run was gorgeous - he was having fun and we finished well under time (SCT was 32 seconds). Another Second Place.

Teller apparently likes RED this weekend! So the haul for the weekend was one First, six Seconds and one Fourth. Two Touch and Go legs, One Standard Leg and one Tunnelers Leg. Eight toys and three placement biscuits. Not too shabby for my baby's first weekend out on the agility field. I was so pleased that he finished the weekend as happily as he began the weekend - didn't have any puppy brainfarts - stayed with me even when I was a BAD handler and he lavished his adoring public (spectators and fellow exhibitors) with love and lots of tail wags. Every time he stepped into the ring he did so with confidence and his "hey y'all - look at me" attitude. I'm THRILLED that he didn't once mug the judge, the ring crew, gate steward, timer or scribe! I worked out of my truck this weekend and both dogs settled beautifully when it wasn't their turns to run or go for a walk. So many successes! Now Teller is done until the national - I really can't wait!

Here's today's video - just Standard I, Touch and Go and Tunnelers:

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