Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm broken!

Well it was such an awesome summer! I knew the "ride" had to end sometime. I went out to Lake Iroquois this evening to throw some bumpers for Teller. Had a great session and thought I'd let Teller do some fishing - put him on leash as a boat was coming in and walked into the water down the concrete ramp and down I went. Went straight into the ER - soaking wet with the boys stuck in the car - and waited for two hours. X-rays saw a couple of I'm splinted until I can get a cast (week or so). The splint covers the elbow and halfway up my upper arm - which is going to make training tough - breed handling impossible (CCA and Conformation at the nats), agility difficult and TDB for the hunt test rally and obedience....Not to mention working - I do a lot of typing and while I'm usually pretty speedy this one handed hunt and peck stuff sucks!

I'm in a lot of pain - and I've got a high pain threshold - so I know it's bad! They gave me really good drugs - which are going to make me stupid. Ultimately I'll be OK - probably no surgery - but I'm really bummed right now. I can't even dress myself or get my bra off - I couldn't even take my dinner out of the's really hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel....and throws a lot of stuff up in the air right now...

P.S. - it took me 30 minutes to type this. So bummed!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there I also had that huge splint but when i went to get my hard cast on Wednesday it went till my elbow so I hope you get the same. I don't have the bra problem but I can see how it would be an issue,lol. How are you feeling? Make sure you eat before taking the pain medication they can wreck your stomach. Feel free to email and vent I know it's not easy to type,Dave.