Saturday, August 09, 2008

Festival of fools...

Teller and I went down to Burlington City Hall Park today to perform in Burlington's Festival of Fools (think jugglers, comedy acts, etc). Teller did his sneeze trick (I fake sneeze and he grabs a hanky out of my pocket). He also balanced a tennis ball on his nose and did his drunk driving PSA (three beer cans and a coke can - Make the right choice). He showed off his spins, his gunshot downs, hand signals, touch...The crowd loved him and he got to do meet and greet with literally hundreds of people! Teller won the contest - got a nice toy and gift certificate, we recommended 10-15 people to Waggles all of whom wanted their dogs to be just like Teller (they don't know of which they ask!) It was quite the morning. He went for a swim when we got home and now he's sacked out.

Next weekend is the NOMAD trial in Stowe - Teller's agility debut!

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