Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yankee Agility trial, Day one of Lakes Region and BIG NEWS!!!

I'm a little behind in my blogging so I'm going to try to get everything into one post - some exciting news on three fronts:

Yankee Golden Retriever club agility trial: Murphy, Teller and I went down to Derry, NH this past weekend (July 5th and 6th) to play agility at the Yankee Golden Retriever Club agility trial. Some of you know how badly things went for us at the Southern Berkshire trial in June - bad weather (violent thunderstorms, 6" of standing water on course and then 95 degrees and hot and humid) and Murphy just wasn't "there" that weekend - it was a struggle, we didn't make it around a single course and it wasn't so much fun to be out. The high point was Teller's match run which went really well but that didn't really justify the gas, the entries, the meals and the hotel...

Well, my old Murphy was back this weekend - we didn't have perfect runs (and we had some weird errors actually) and we didn't have any Q's (we came REALLY close) BUT we got around all 4 courses - three under course time - and Murphy was having fun, held his startline stay and he was fast. I was so pleased with him. Teller didn't get to run, but he did get to work on the practice jump a bit and I got to work some rear crosses and startline stays with him in a trial environment. I entered him in the local NADAC trial in August and we're going to treat it as a match - I have no "emotional" investment in NADAC titles so we'll just go and have fun. This will also be the first agility trial where Murphy won't be entered - so we'll see what he thinks of that!!!

Lakes Region Kennel Club: It was hotter than a witch's T*T today in Hopkinton NH - compounded by the fact that I got there on time and then spent more than 45 minutes walking around grounds looking for Emily and Jason - then when I found them it was less than 50 feet from where I had parked an hour earlier when I first arrived. Yes I feel like a twit and yes - such a blonde moment - maybe I should dye my hair again? Hummmmmmm? Anyhow, it was a major today - and the major held (SHOCKING). Teller is just a couple of days over 18 months now, so he's out of the puppy classes and now has to go into Am Bred or Open - he's entered in Am Bred as I don't believe that he has the maturity yet to go into open (where some of the dogs are 2-3 years his senior (the dog that took the major today was 5). He won his class and actually had quite a few people outside the ring rooting for him to take the points (including and especially the owners who Teller beat in Am Bred)...So overall a good day. Teller is spending the night with Emily and Jason and we'll meet up tomorrow at my house as everyone is staying here this weekend.

The BIG News: Teller has his first "gig". Woo will be staring in a commercial for the local pet food supply company in the area. The commercial will open with Teller driving a convertible (green screen and fan through his ruff while he sits with his paws on the wheel), then carrying a wallet/purse into the store, shopping and picking out items, bringing his "purchases" to the counter and handing them to the cashier, then handing some money (or credit card) to the clerk. PFW sponsors a lot of weather segments on WPTZ, so I suspect he'll be in heavy rotation there as well….The only "catch" is that he will be portraying a "girl dog" (female voice-over), we just won't tell him that until AFTER filming...There's a print ad for another (MUCH larger) company in the works, but I'm keeping it under my hat until that contract is signed and everything is finalized…I'll post the video when it's finished.

Teller is entered all three days at the scenic cluster and Murphy is entered in Open A....We'll see how things go for all of us!!!

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