Friday, July 11, 2008

Scenic Cluster Day One....

Not a bad day at the dog show today. Teller was up first, he's entered in Am Bred for this show as he's just a few days past his 18th month "birthday". The dog who won am-bred (and ultimately took the points) was a 5 year old dog - who was a nice dog. It's hard for Teller to beat a dog who has that much maturity at this point. He showed really well though and he behaved himself which - is the ultimate goal after all.

Murphy knocked my socks off today in Open A. There was some confusion at the gate when the dog ahead of us checked in just as we were heading into the ring - so it wasn't a good situation - getting Murphy ready and then having to go back and get more cheese and then warm up again - or in our case sustain the focus - which has traditionally been really hard for him - he's just that kind of dog and there's no training that "into" him. So we waited and then went into the ring, the first thing he did when I asked him to get into heel was to spin. Fortuneatly the judge was patient and gave Murphy a chance to settle a little bit - which he did actually. Then he setup for heeling and I was given the forward command and Murphy sat there :-) it was Forward to a Fast and I gave him a second command on the fast and he just wasn't there - knew he had made a mistak, stressed right out and trotted around the ring (in close proximity but no cigar). BUT - and here's the big BUT - when we setup for the figure-8 he setup and I took a moment (thanks to Judge Squires for being patient with us) to praise him (for setting up and being settled) and pat him a bit on his head. He immedieatly relaxed and his figure-8 was awesome! He missed the first sit, so some people wouldn't consider that awesome, but he stayed connected and really moved out nicely....He was a little late on his drop, but I don't care about that at this point. His retrieve on the flat was nice, his retrieve over high was nice and his broad jump was fine - a crooked sit. He held his stays and happily pranced out of the ring. After we had completed the broad jump and the steward was bringing us our leash and dumbbell he actually took the high jump on the way out just for fun - NOW that's a dog who's having fun in the ring and I couldn't be more pleased - well, maybe if he had qualified - but I'm not going to take the change for the better for granted....We'll see what tomorrow brings for both of us :-)

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