Saturday, July 26, 2008

GMGRC Agility Day Two

Another good day for Murphy at the trial. I think my boy likes his indoor trials! Open standard was a good run - but I screwed around too much at the startline - which Murphy held while I was futzing around trying to figure out where I wanted to be and then I praised him and he broke - got himself a refusal at the first obstacle (twice) and then blew his dogwalk contact (second to last obstacle - that's always been a problem for him).

Excellent jumpers was fun! I went in for the obsessive walk-through and got pushed and run over (60+ people walking the course), I only need one maybe two walks so it wasn't a big deal anyway. I made a couple of newbie mistakes on course - got where I needed to be for a front cross - was SOOOO shocked that I had done it that I lost Murph's connection and then didn't support him through the second pinwheel - it's OK, we did really well and I was very happy with Murph!

No video for the standard run, I think Linda had some technical difficulties - but we got the JWW run on tape. What a good MURPHY!!!

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