Sunday, July 27, 2008

GMGRC Agility Day Three

Another trial in the books - Murph had two more really super runs. He also got his first OA leg with a 1st and Q and a high scoring golden retriever. That's his OAJ title, a OA leg and two HS goldens. That's Murph's second title in two weeks (CDX on 7/12). Murph is SOOOOO on a roll right now! Onward and upward!!

Here's the video from today:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

GMGRC Agility Day Two

Another good day for Murphy at the trial. I think my boy likes his indoor trials! Open standard was a good run - but I screwed around too much at the startline - which Murphy held while I was futzing around trying to figure out where I wanted to be and then I praised him and he broke - got himself a refusal at the first obstacle (twice) and then blew his dogwalk contact (second to last obstacle - that's always been a problem for him).

Excellent jumpers was fun! I went in for the obsessive walk-through and got pushed and run over (60+ people walking the course), I only need one maybe two walks so it wasn't a big deal anyway. I made a couple of newbie mistakes on course - got where I needed to be for a front cross - was SOOOO shocked that I had done it that I lost Murph's connection and then didn't support him through the second pinwheel - it's OK, we did really well and I was very happy with Murph!

No video for the standard run, I think Linda had some technical difficulties - but we got the JWW run on tape. What a good MURPHY!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Murphy OAJ

Well, Murph keeps on keepin' on! Another good day for Team Smurf. Murphy finished his OAJ today at the GMGRC Agility Trial. That makes Murphy:

SunKissed Karat Cake CDX NA OAJ RA CGC TDV

Here's the video of today's runs. We had a couple of disconnects, but overall a really SUPER day.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Teller the seal...

Poor Teller - not sure what's worse for a dog: having someone make you balance stuff on your nose or having someone take pictures of you while they make you balance stuff on your nose....

Murphy's CDX picture

Murph's title shot arrived in the mail today - He looks great, I look awful - but it's his day!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pictures from Hopkinton...

I got some shots from the Hopkinton show....(July 9th and 10th).

Practicing for Teller's Commercial...

One of the "scenes" in Teller's commercial is going to be "driving" a car. I presume that it's going to be a green-screen adding in motion through the magic of television. I wanted to make sure that we would be ready so I took Teller out to my truck to practice "driving" are some of the shots I got tonight - I don't think this "trick" is going to be an issue :-)

"OK, we've got half a tank so we're ready to go!"

"On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again....."

"Would any of you cute girls like to go for a ride around the block? I know the best park!"

"Look out for squirrels!"

"Hey Murph, let's go get some ice cream!"

"Pet Food Warehouse, here we come!"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Canadian Sportsmanship....

I've got to give it to the Canadian exhibitors - they are nothing if not gracious and the epitome of sportsmen (and women). I discovered this first when Teller was showing in Canada - the vibe of Canadian shows is totally different. Today when Murphy got his CDX, the exhibitor who won the class after getting her ribbon (and her title) turned around and gave me a great big hug (I'm not a huggy person) but the gesture was so sincere and so heartfelt that I can't complain about it - I've never seen that in the US between American exhibitors unless they're good friends - let alone being so supportive to a fellow exhibitor. American's could learn a few things....

Murphy did it!!!!

Murphy - my Smurf-man - actually qualified in Open A today!! There were some pretty moments and some not so pretty moments but - it's the Q that counts!!!! After his stays we went over to the snack bar and Murphy had a cheeseburger and some french fries. Murphy is entered tomorrow in Open A, but I'm going to scratch him and instead bring him to the "meet the breeds" event - he'll get cookies for doing nothing and get loved on by kids - perhaps that's better than a cheeseburger.

YAY MURPHY! Murphy is now ...
SunKissed Karat Cake CDX RA NA NAJ CGC TDV!

We had a professional picture taken and we'll post it when it arrives. Murph and I are going to hit the pool now, Teller can't join us because he's showing again tomorrow!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Scenic Cluster Day One....

Not a bad day at the dog show today. Teller was up first, he's entered in Am Bred for this show as he's just a few days past his 18th month "birthday". The dog who won am-bred (and ultimately took the points) was a 5 year old dog - who was a nice dog. It's hard for Teller to beat a dog who has that much maturity at this point. He showed really well though and he behaved himself which - is the ultimate goal after all.

Murphy knocked my socks off today in Open A. There was some confusion at the gate when the dog ahead of us checked in just as we were heading into the ring - so it wasn't a good situation - getting Murphy ready and then having to go back and get more cheese and then warm up again - or in our case sustain the focus - which has traditionally been really hard for him - he's just that kind of dog and there's no training that "into" him. So we waited and then went into the ring, the first thing he did when I asked him to get into heel was to spin. Fortuneatly the judge was patient and gave Murphy a chance to settle a little bit - which he did actually. Then he setup for heeling and I was given the forward command and Murphy sat there :-) it was Forward to a Fast and I gave him a second command on the fast and he just wasn't there - knew he had made a mistak, stressed right out and trotted around the ring (in close proximity but no cigar). BUT - and here's the big BUT - when we setup for the figure-8 he setup and I took a moment (thanks to Judge Squires for being patient with us) to praise him (for setting up and being settled) and pat him a bit on his head. He immedieatly relaxed and his figure-8 was awesome! He missed the first sit, so some people wouldn't consider that awesome, but he stayed connected and really moved out nicely....He was a little late on his drop, but I don't care about that at this point. His retrieve on the flat was nice, his retrieve over high was nice and his broad jump was fine - a crooked sit. He held his stays and happily pranced out of the ring. After we had completed the broad jump and the steward was bringing us our leash and dumbbell he actually took the high jump on the way out just for fun - NOW that's a dog who's having fun in the ring and I couldn't be more pleased - well, maybe if he had qualified - but I'm not going to take the change for the better for granted....We'll see what tomorrow brings for both of us :-)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yankee Agility trial, Day one of Lakes Region and BIG NEWS!!!

I'm a little behind in my blogging so I'm going to try to get everything into one post - some exciting news on three fronts:

Yankee Golden Retriever club agility trial: Murphy, Teller and I went down to Derry, NH this past weekend (July 5th and 6th) to play agility at the Yankee Golden Retriever Club agility trial. Some of you know how badly things went for us at the Southern Berkshire trial in June - bad weather (violent thunderstorms, 6" of standing water on course and then 95 degrees and hot and humid) and Murphy just wasn't "there" that weekend - it was a struggle, we didn't make it around a single course and it wasn't so much fun to be out. The high point was Teller's match run which went really well but that didn't really justify the gas, the entries, the meals and the hotel...

Well, my old Murphy was back this weekend - we didn't have perfect runs (and we had some weird errors actually) and we didn't have any Q's (we came REALLY close) BUT we got around all 4 courses - three under course time - and Murphy was having fun, held his startline stay and he was fast. I was so pleased with him. Teller didn't get to run, but he did get to work on the practice jump a bit and I got to work some rear crosses and startline stays with him in a trial environment. I entered him in the local NADAC trial in August and we're going to treat it as a match - I have no "emotional" investment in NADAC titles so we'll just go and have fun. This will also be the first agility trial where Murphy won't be entered - so we'll see what he thinks of that!!!

Lakes Region Kennel Club: It was hotter than a witch's T*T today in Hopkinton NH - compounded by the fact that I got there on time and then spent more than 45 minutes walking around grounds looking for Emily and Jason - then when I found them it was less than 50 feet from where I had parked an hour earlier when I first arrived. Yes I feel like a twit and yes - such a blonde moment - maybe I should dye my hair again? Hummmmmmm? Anyhow, it was a major today - and the major held (SHOCKING). Teller is just a couple of days over 18 months now, so he's out of the puppy classes and now has to go into Am Bred or Open - he's entered in Am Bred as I don't believe that he has the maturity yet to go into open (where some of the dogs are 2-3 years his senior (the dog that took the major today was 5). He won his class and actually had quite a few people outside the ring rooting for him to take the points (including and especially the owners who Teller beat in Am Bred)...So overall a good day. Teller is spending the night with Emily and Jason and we'll meet up tomorrow at my house as everyone is staying here this weekend.

The BIG News: Teller has his first "gig". Woo will be staring in a commercial for the local pet food supply company in the area. The commercial will open with Teller driving a convertible (green screen and fan through his ruff while he sits with his paws on the wheel), then carrying a wallet/purse into the store, shopping and picking out items, bringing his "purchases" to the counter and handing them to the cashier, then handing some money (or credit card) to the clerk. PFW sponsors a lot of weather segments on WPTZ, so I suspect he'll be in heavy rotation there as well….The only "catch" is that he will be portraying a "girl dog" (female voice-over), we just won't tell him that until AFTER filming...There's a print ad for another (MUCH larger) company in the works, but I'm keeping it under my hat until that contract is signed and everything is finalized…I'll post the video when it's finished.

Teller is entered all three days at the scenic cluster and Murphy is entered in Open A....We'll see how things go for all of us!!!