Monday, June 02, 2008

Teetering for fun!

I bought a teeter base last fall at an agility trial in NH - the teeter board didn't fit in my truck (sucky) so I've been somewhat patiently waiting for someone to help me get a board (last month), then painted it, sanded it (literally putting pool filter sand in the paint and making it roughly textured) and I finally talked my Dad into putting the bolts on the board so that we actually had a teeter (Thanks Dad).

Teller has done a few baby teeters at waggles - the lowest setting and then going down to a table so he was only dropping 2-3 inches... I set up the new teeter tonight and as I was realizing it was higher than what he'd done before and went hunting for some more chain Teller was already up and over riding the teeter board to the ground, standing in a 2 on/2 off and grinning (if dogs could grin). Holy smokes it's not supposed to work that way!!

Here are Murphy and Teller playing on their brand spanking new teeter!!

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