Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Good, the bad and the ugly....

Just back from a weekend at the Southern Berkshire AKC agility trial - there was some good, some bad and a whole lotta ugly...

The Ugly:
Friday was torrential rain, standing water, several tents under water (in fact where we usually set up) and the rings were flooded. I literally ran through pools that were 6" deep...the turf did hold up OK though...I'll take rain anyday - but it wasn't forecasted and I packed for heat not damp rain. Saturday and Sundat were BRUTAL - mid to upper 90's and really high humidity. I just don't function well in that kind of environment and neither does Murphy - which might be a direct causation of..

The BAD...
Murphy was so connected to me at the BOTC and TMAC trials and so into playing with me that I thought we had turned the corner- he's been training really well and I had some high hopes for us as a team. This weekend the sniffies were back, the disconnects were back and I'm not sure what to do now. The first run of the weekend we were delayed by lightening which might be part of it - but it's not all of it.

The Good:
I love my trial buddies - So much fun to spend time with doggie people who don't think you're weird just because you are (in fact) a dog person ;-)

I decided to enter Teller in the match on Friday afternoon - he was freakin' awesome. I made some handler mistakes with him and he had some green dog errors - BUT he held his startline with me egging him on from a 2 1/2 jump lead-out, he never considered checking out, he made his weave entry but he had too much speed to hold onto the entry (green dog) - I'm so used to Murph's check-outs I'm so pleased, shocked and awestruck that I have my Woo!

Here's the video - Auntie Linda got a little distracted watching Woo run and lost him for a second or two...(giggle)

Also good: Wooie got his quality time with Auntie Linda - whom he absolutely adores and greatly misses when he doesn't get to see her very often. It was absolutely hysterical to watch him climbing all over her trying to show her how much he loves her. I think there was even a little slip of the tongue once or twice :-)

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