Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The pool is OPEN!!!

As always click on the pics for a bigger image.

Warning: the pictures that follow depict two VERY HAPPY golden retrievers. If you are easily offended by really happy dogs I suggest you close your browser right now.

The pool - just waiting for some canine fun!
Murphy (briefly) pauses before jumping in for the first time - I swear of dogs could smile...

Murph and the bumper.

Teller jumps in (no pause).

Hey Murph, want help with that bumper? Let me help you.

Teller (top) with the bumper and Murph with the Water Wubba.

Murph and the Wubba

Teller and the bumper...

Now Murph has "the stick"

Teller likes that bumper!

But he'll give the Wubba a try too...

Murphy the sea monster....be afraid...

Murph and the stick.

Post swimmie ZOOOOOOOMIES!

Teller in the lead!

Pulllllleeeeeaaazzzzzzzzeeeeee? Can we have more swimmies? Pretty please? What if we look REALLY pathetic? Murphy (left) and Teller (right)

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