Monday, April 07, 2008

Hudson Valley Golden Specialty

Brought the boys down the HV on March 22nd - nice show - LONG drive for one day - all agreed that we need to go down for the agility trial next year to make it a three day show - probably would have this year had Easter not screwed everything up calendar-wise.

Teller was 2nd in his sweeps class - judged by Robin's mom Mary and 3rd in regular 12-18. It was astonishing to me how little he looked in the 12-18 class amongst dogs who were really close to aging out and he was just 14 months - there's a lot of time to mature there for sure!!

Diva won her sweeps class and I think her BBE class. Truly got her first rally novice leg with 2nd place (way to go sis) and we capped off the weekend in the brood bitch class with Teller's mom Emmie. We even got prizes!!!

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