Monday, April 21, 2008

Murphy's weekend - BOTC Agility

Well the 2008 BOTC agility trial is in the "books". All the equipment from Max200 is on it's way back to Western NY, our club trailer is again loaded with all of the trial essentials: ring gates, coffee makers, tables, chairs, etc etc etc..and the fitness edge is once again open for the little tikes to play tennis again…I have to say over and over again that BOTC (and of course GMGRC) put on the best trials - it's all about location.

A one ring trial on great footing, the dogs work so well in that building, there's tons of room for parking and crating, grassy spaces to potty dogs, lots of workers with almost no conflicts, a great judge….The courses were open and flowing both days - Steve Shelt was the judge for the weekend - some traps, some really good handling tests. Open is a whole different ballgame than Novice on so many levels - not just 12 vs 6 weave poles…Murphy and I started the weekend on Saturday with a pretty horrendous run - he was working with me but missed his weaves, skipped the teeter, disconnected, got a table fault, was slow to down on the table...blech…it wasn't entirely awful as he really did stay with me and seemed to want to work. I chalked it up to being rusty (we haven't done much agility recently) and first trial of the season - there was a lot of that going around actually. Saturday afternoon we pulled it together for a Q on the jumpers run, qualifying with some time faults (but no course deductions) and taking 2nd place. Sunday morning Murphy had a great standard run - really nice work from him - but he made a mistake (refusal at a tunnel - what's up with that) and I made a mistake (late command at the chute put him too far out to take a double) and two R's don't make a Q (get it - that's supposed to be funny). This afternoon the course was designed for us - fantastic - there were some traps but essentially if you handled it correctly it was a straight line of 4 jumps, to a curve, the weaves, a pinwheel that lead out to another pinwheel (so essentially 4 jumps in a straight line there too) and then 4 jumps straight out…Murphy got to move out, he listened and he was under course time for a clean run! So we left with two red ribbons and two legs towards Murph's OAJ. I'm sort of shocked to think that we are essentially one Q away from playing in excellent with the big kids….

Teller takes Winners Dog and 5 points in Canada!!!

We're just back from the De L'estrie shows in Sherbrooke Canada - we went up for all three days (driving 3 hours each way) so I'm only now catching up on my emails and getting the news out. Teller is now 16 months and the 12-18 class was the largest class in all three regular trials and the specialty.

Friday Teller went 2nd out of 8, Saturday 3 of 12 (ironically both classes) and today he took the 12-18 class and then winners dog beating out some really nice open dogs that are finished in the states…

As you can imagine I'm walking on air - Teller is my first pointed dog and to do it with such good competition I'm just beside myself….I was actually in the obedience ring at the time with Murphy doing the stays - he had already NQ'ed (he anticipated the recall) and the handlers were up against the gating when I feel a tap on my shoulder and my friend Joan telling me that Teller had won…I didn't really make sense of it and the judge ordered us back to our dogs for the down - then she tells me that Teller had gone winners dog, I turn around to face her and said "No!" then turn back to Murphy and realize what she had actually told me, turning around again - "No! Really? Holy crap!". It was certainly a memorable NQ in the obedience ring :-)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Salt City Cluster

The boys and I headed out to Syracuse for the annual Salt City Cluster. Long drive but it was a good time had by all (most of the time).

Teller was expertly piloted by Graeme and Emily Burdon to 2nd in 12-18 on Thursday and Friday and then first on Saturday and Sunday. I guess the judge really looked hard at him for reserve winners on Sunday (I missed it) - it's always nice to be looked at! I handled him badly in sweeps on Saturday for a second place and "won" a check for less than a gallon of gas.

Hudson Valley Golden Specialty

Brought the boys down the HV on March 22nd - nice show - LONG drive for one day - all agreed that we need to go down for the agility trial next year to make it a three day show - probably would have this year had Easter not screwed everything up calendar-wise.

Teller was 2nd in his sweeps class - judged by Robin's mom Mary and 3rd in regular 12-18. It was astonishing to me how little he looked in the 12-18 class amongst dogs who were really close to aging out and he was just 14 months - there's a lot of time to mature there for sure!!

Diva won her sweeps class and I think her BBE class. Truly got her first rally novice leg with 2nd place (way to go sis) and we capped off the weekend in the brood bitch class with Teller's mom Emmie. We even got prizes!!!