Friday, January 11, 2008

Teller *might* be growing up...

Teller, the ultimate puppy... Teller who can be described with multiple adjectives: capricious, exuberant, charismatic, energetic, and mostly relentless...his humor is one of his best qualities - his ability to make me laugh is his very best skill. His ability to surprise me is a close second.

It's become our morning routine for the two boys to stay outside and romp while I get dressed for work - correction: Teller romps, Murphy tries to avoid getting romped on. With the recent thaw the yard is a mess so I've been letting them inside before I shower and dress. Teller spends the time harassing Murphy in the den. When I finished my shower this morning the house was silent...those with puppies in their homes know that silence is generally bad - really bad. I threw the towel on my head and threw open the bathroom door - trying to prepare myself for the mess that Teller had created...what was it this time? A phonebook? Bills? A disemboweled woobie? Had he finally done Murphy in once and for all?

To my shock, when I open the door there's Teller, sitting at the bathroom door looking a bit shocked that I flung it open in a quasi-panic and at the same time pleased with himself. There wasn't a mess, Murphy was still in one piece (as was the rest of the house) and there sat Teller, with a ball at his feet. Then I put it together: we have been playing ball (with fast drops in the mix too) in the mornings as I get dressed because it's been too cold (or now too mushy) for them to romp at length. Teller didn't want to miss out on a moment of the game and was patiently waiting (with his ball) for me to be ready to join the game...

Now I know he's really smart - maybe clever is the better word - but to see him make the decision to be ready for our morning game rather than harass Murphy...I was so proud of the little bugger...making good choices all by his furry self.

Who'd have thunk it?

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