Sunday, December 16, 2007

Big Snow...

It's been snowing pretty much all week, an inch or two here and there. Today was the big storm and it didn't disappoint the snowbuffs. We had about 8" by 11:30 this morning then a bit of a break until round two socked us in again around 4pm. I think we've got about 14" out there now and it continues to snow a bit.

Teller galloping in the snow

The boys were mostly cooped up in the house today as it was pretty windy and nasty out there...they don't seem to mind but I don't want them getting cold and wet and then potentially sick, so when they went out I went with them and then gathered them back up and inside after their business was finished...OK, maybe it's me. There's something about snow days, watching cartoons and eating chicken noodle soup from a can that's ultimately appealing to me once in a while. Sure, I make a helluva homemade chicken soup, it's so easy to make and there's of course something to be said about soups with more than teeny pieces of chicken bits and bloated egg noodles (you know, like vegetables) - but there is also something so satisfying about the campbells brand...maybe it's childhood, maybe it's simplicity, maybe it's because it's so damn easy, maybe they put something addictive in that yellow concentrated broth (to which I never add water). I guess it's just MMM, MMM, Good.

Murphy strikes a pose

We did make it out briefly to let Teller and Murphy play with Quinn from next door. Teller and Murphy spent 20 minutes or so chasing each other around in circles - why they needed Quinn's inspiration to do that, I'm not sure...If it hadn't been 8pm and pitch black I would have taken pictures - I love watching them have so much fun...

Teller with one of the few toys not buried under 2 feet of snow....

So I didn't get a lot accomplished today, even with the best intentions. I cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, changed the sheets on my bed and sorted the mail - but then ran out of steam. With any luck the snow will stop and we'll be bailed out in time to head to work tomorrow. There's no doubt at this point that we'll have a white Christmas this year!

Murphy (left) and Teller pause to listen for the big mean earth-shaking plow truck.

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