Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainy night and bored dogs...

Another Indian summer day, the boys and I slept in this morning then packed up and headed down to Amherst. Now we're all fed, pottied and in theory relaxing before bedding down for the evening - figures that as soon as we get here the sky opens up and the rain seems relentless - no walk tonight. The boys are so bored they're WILD - feeling the need to include me in their wrestling - I've been scratched, stepped on and bitten (and Teller is on his 4th time-out of the evening). I'm pretty full of nervous energy at the moment, Murphy is entered in Open B tomorrow, hoping that the mixed-up order of exercises combined with two weeks vacation from obedience training has relaxed him a little bit. I personally can't help but feel a little like the student who goes into the exam without studying - it's not like me to do anything unprepared so I admit to feeling a little exposed at the moment. Time will tell - we'll either qualify or not...and in the end either way is OK - though I do wish I was traveling with the pack this weekend, I (not unlike the dogs) could really use someone to bounce off of right about now.

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