Friday, September 21, 2007

Hanging with the boys....

Murphy (left) and Teller

I wrapped up another week oncall. It was a long week - a lot of nuissance pages, a few actionable items and a lot of disrupted sleep. Fridays of my oncall weeks leaves me feeling a bit like a drunk zombie and the afternoons are almost always unproductive. That generally carries over to the evening as well. I knocked out a couple of things on my punchlist and then turn into something that resembles a vegetable. I did take a few minutes to work with the boys - just a little bit of heelwork, then I went out to throw the ball for hour later he finally resembles a yellow furry vegetable...Murphy on the otherhand took one look at the ball and fetch routine and went in the house for a nap.

I was working stays today and thought I'd take a picture of the boys - Murphy is now three - and baby Teller....the baby is now eight and a half months - hardly a baby I suppose.

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