Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who are you and what have you done with my Murphy?

We just (as in moments ago) wrapped up the three day Green Mountain Golden Retriever Club agility trial. I was trial chair for this trial - so there were a lot of balls in the air - lots of trial work and then having my two boys at the trial - double the potty breaks and such. Plus the weather was horrid - beautiful pool days - hazy, hot and humid. We were inside - no AC but we had fans which helped a little but we had to watch the dogs closely. I resorted to some of that nasty Iams gravy (meant as a food topper) mixed with water. Murph's hydration was OK - gums were good, but I didn't think he was drinking enough - little bit of gravy slurry and the water went down quickly ;-)

Anyhow, I'm pleased to report that Murphy is now: SunKissed Karat Cake CD RA NA NAJ CGC TDV. Murphy had three fantastic standard runs - he was cheated out of his bumper leg when the judge called the dog walk contact - I know he got it - but, to be fair I was physically between him and the judge and it was close - plus I was trying some things out with distance and speed and he took FOREVER on the table. Regardless, I'm thrilled.

Open jumpers is a whole different ball of wax, but - and this is a biggie, we got around the courses nicely all three days - though we didn't Q. First let me say that I had some really cool speed fom him this weekend - he made or was under time all three days. Friday we had two refusals on the weaves, Saturday a knocked bar and today I caused a refusal when I got in his way and he had another at the weaves when he hit his entry with too much speed to hold it.

The big thing I saw this weekend was a confident, secure dog. I didn't see any stress from him at all - no tail chasing, no scratching, he didn't for even a moment think about leaving the task at hand, didn't roll, didn't sniff, didn't bite my shoes, happily came back to restart the weaves each time he was asked - I am SO pleased with him I just can't stand it...He's a different dog than the one I had at Westfield - or even two weeks ago at the Essex cluster. This is a dog that is trying for me, working with me and is a joy to play with - THIS is the dog that I train with - it was such a rush to bring THAT dog to a trial with me.

Next weekend Teller is entered in breed and Murphy in open obedience...I'm hoping for the best - from both boys...Then they both have some time off - Murphy's next agility trial is in October and who knows what we'll do next in obedience...a lot depends on next weekend.

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