Sunday, July 15, 2007

News from the breed ring...

Sort of our "official" debut in the ring - home turf, people we knew and just a big deal I think. Teller won his puppy class 6-9 months for the three days - and showed BEAUTIFULLY in winners all three days. The judges went with the professional handlers in all the classes - it happens and it's not entirely unexpected. Was it disappointing? Yes - was it unexpected? No. The sweeps judge really really thought about him in the sweepstakes class, but went with the older dog - I got to talk to her about it and she said some really nice things about Wooie - but in the end she went with the more mature dog. I don't love that answer - but I can accept it.

Here's Teller with the sweeps judge - doesn't he look like a big boy? He's six months and 1 week.
Murphy's sister Molly (whom we adore) won her class on Friday and Saturday and also went into winners and showed her heart out. She's looking better than I've ever seen her - great coat and head and that hallmark golden expression and soft eyes. One of the times I really wished that the judges looked more at the dog than the handler - Molly should have done better and it's a darn shame that she didn't.

Diva took her class over Truly and Lyric on Friday and Saturday - today Truly rocked taking best of opposite in sweeps and the puppy bitch class in regular classes. Truly also held her own today in the winners ring but again the points and reserve went to the handlers. She's going to be another one to watch in the future - she's going to knock 'em dead when she grows up a little.

The light litter trio: Teller, Diva and Truly. Watch out for these three - they're going to make ripples out there pretty soon.

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