Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Getting there...

Happy Independance day to anyone who might actually be reading this - I've never been a diary sort of person, but I must say that it's been helpful for me to put notes of our progress in writing (or pixels). There's sanity in the process and that's a really good thing these days.

I was up late last night first working on a client issue and then publishing the Golden Club website. Well, the good news is that the golden club site launched last night -
It's a pretty simple site at this point - but it's a long time coming for this club and I'm glad that we finally have made some steps towards revamping the club and its image...

On a really SUPER note I took Murph out to a park to work him and I'm pleased to report that he was fantastic - he did everthing I aske if him - including a runthrough of the open individual exercises. I'm actually looking forward to taking him into the open ring next weekend. He'll train Thursday and Friday of this week, play agility on Saturday - maybe Sunday too (things are up in the air regarding the Springfield shows), then he'll work Monday and Tuesday and have Wednesday/Thursday off...really high rates of reinforcement at what I hope are truly random rates - some rewards during a heel pattern, sometimes just a jackpot at the end - keep him guessing.

Teller seems to be pacing again and I'm trying to figure out if it's something I did - or if it's him - he'll move along so nicely with me now - but pacing. Did I click that and thus he's doing it on purpose? Is he growing a little bit this week and is a little off? Is he just being lazy? I don't know. I did discover that if he gallops and then slows that he trots out of the gallop - so I need to experiment with that. I've got a stick with a clip on the end that Celeste Meade uses for drop work - I'm going to try it as a lunge line and get Teller moving out a bit and click the trot steps...I'll update with progress on that front.

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