Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dr Jekyll and Mr. Murph

Updates from the Scenic Cluster this weekend...

So much fun hanging out with Linda, Kara and Donna. We went out to my favorite Italian restaurant a couple of nights - yeah, it's that good. Best pizza in the world - seriously yummy stuff. Friday night I grilled a pork tenderloin on the grill and invited everyone over for dinner. Last night Kara, Linda and I were up until 1am laughing and swapping stories - I love these guys - this is why I got into showing dogs - it's all about people like them. Win, lose, place, NQ, or knock one out of the park - they are there for me and I could never do it without them.

As for results - it's a mixed bag in the obedience world. Murphy continues to flummox me. He is either a nutcase or he's phenomenal and there's just no in between with him. I've threatened to retire him, I've threatened to leave him home and focus on Teller and I've always decided to give it one more try.

Friday he was naughty - just so naughty. He got into the ring and immediately disconnected from me. Poof! He was gone and when he was gone he melted down on me big-time. We were excused moments after we went into the ring - he just wasn't into playing the game.

Saturday we walked into the ring and OWNED the place. His heeling was tight, he was with me, played the game and was accurate. We had one bobble when he stood up on the DOR exercise - which is substantial points off - but didn't kill us. He completed everything else with flair - some friends watching said they got goosebumps he was so good. He held his out of sight stays and we qualified with a 189.5 and 4th place over some really really good teams.

Today we had a conflict with Teller's sweeps entry, so I asked the judge to move us and she gave us the option of going first (or not at all). That was 10 minutes before the start of class (e-gaads) so I had to rush more than I wanted to, Murphy got less warm-up that I would have liked and we were just rushed. He wanted no point of heeling with me, but completed the other exercises flawlessly. He was also the only dog in his group that held the sit-stays, I came back and everyone was laying down, Murphy was looking around second guessing himself I think. So something to be proud of - but not that last leg that we were eagerly hoping for...

I've got to figure out what will make Dr Jekyll stay home and walk into the ring with Mr. Murphy more often. That is the key and will determine whether Murph ever goes for a UD or UDX.

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