Friday, June 15, 2007

Regrouping and taking a break

We've been going out flat for a few weeks - where to start?

Memorial day weekend was a bust. I went off to a three day show by myself (suck suck suck) and Murphy's work ethic went down the tubes, yeah OK maybe it was my work ethic too. Too much trialing and not enough training - it's hard to trial Saturday and Sunday, give Murphy a day off, then train two or three days and then start trialing all over again. Add in the demands of work, being oncall and the other things I'm obligated to do every week and the net result was burning both ends of the candle pretty quickly. I just never felt like I was catching up on so many levels.

Last weekend was the So Berk golden trial - three days. Murph was distracted and gave me varying levels of attention on Friday and Saturday...Friday was hotter than heck (90 and humid) and Saturday we were rained on. On Sunday he blew me off to roll and I left the ring without him - let Kara catch him and put him away - no attention, no cookies...just back into his crate. When I took him out for his jumpers run he was fantastic! He worked with me, didn't sniff and if it hadn't been for sending him to the wrong tunnel entrance he would have Q'ed. Oh well - we've got time and for what it's worth I really like the fact that I got to make the mistake for once!

So we're looking forward to some obedience work - working towards another CDX leg. Murphy has a month off before the Essex Cluster. Plenty of time to really polish our heelwork. He is capable of the most gorgeous heeling - and he's sucked, been distracted, sniffy, etc. Let's get it right. I'm trying a few things - one of them is basically shaping foundation work - I'll detail the progress as we make some...

As for the Teller-woo, we're getting ready for his AKC debut at the Essex Cluster. Kara might take him the weekend before to Springfield - but, we'll see what happens. Some shots of Woo from the weekend...

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