Saturday, June 23, 2007


Another week of training under our belts (collars). I'll start with Teller because I think he's made the most progress...

Teller is so different from Murphy - which is good and it's bad. He's such a quick study that sometimes I forget that he's still a baby and is just learning all of this stuff. So while it's great that he's really coming along on so many fronts. His training for the breed ring is really coming along nicely - he's figuring out he's supposed to trot, he's looking ahead and he's not charging ahead like a bull in a china shop. I'm pleased. His free-stack is amazing and will be our saving grace. He's got this presence about him and it's contagious - everyone who sees him falls in love with him and in true golden form he falls in love equally as quickly. Any lap is a good lap and there's never too many pats. I do love that when it's time to not have attention he's good about that too, passing out on the floor or couch until he's called.

We've been doing a lot of puppy obedience stuff - little things - intro to scent articles, go outs. I've started him over little jumps (4") and he's enjoying himself. I've heard of a few puppies getting put up recently by various judges - not that I think Woo is going to take points - but it's theoretically possible and that's enough to justify flipping some entries into the pot.

Murphy - my little goober. He had a couple of really great working sessions this week. He's working nicely for pretty frequent reinforcement. My next step is to try to lengthen the time between reinforcement and get the food off me for moments. So we're done with babysitting every few strides - lets up the ante. It'll either fall apart or it won't - with dogs.

We went out to agility today and Murph was equally good at waggles on the agility field. This is after hitting his dog-walk contact at Ruths and grazing (sigh) while sitting on the contact.

So net positive. And the Essex cluster doesn't seem so far away anymore...


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