Thursday, May 10, 2007

TMAC 2007

Whew! Coming off a high this weekend. What a great time. A fun weekend, with fun people, mixed drinks at the hotel, puppy playgroup under the tent and a lot of super runs all around. It's one thing to have your own nice runs - it's another thing entirely when everyone else is laying down super runs and racking up the Q's.

Murphy double Q'd on Saturday. He got a little distracted in his standard run, but he came back and finished the course - we had time faults but I was pleased.

BTW: Credit for all the action pics go to Ruth W....

The jumpers run on Saturday was fast - nice flowing course and Murphy got through it easily. We need to work on diving into the poles, but I was pleased with the run - 10 seconds under time too - I'll take it.

Sunday was a different day and our runs weren't as stellar as the day before. In Murphy's standard run he found a smell and rolled half way around the course - he's having fun and he's not stressing so I'll let it be.

The jumpers run on Sunday was tough - tough course - and a little above our heads. We had problems where I thought I wouldn't - and sailed through the parts I had worried about - pretty typical huh?

This weekend is a match - Teller will be entered in breed and Murphy in Open mom is coming along - this will be interesting!

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Molly said...

What a beautiful dog! We have a golden retriever too, but she is definitely not a show dog. :) Just an adorable companion and a great licker to boot.