Monday, May 14, 2007

Teller's day at the B Match....

Indulge me if you will...I took Teller to his first 'B' match today (we met Kara and Jean there) - he was entered in the puppy class 4-6 months old. Teller not only won his puppy class, but took best of breed as well! He went on to a sporting group 2nd after a really nice wiem bit*h.

I couldn't be more proud of this little guy! He was such a trooper going back into that ring three times, letting the judge look at his bloody mouth (he's teething badly this week) free-stacking and trotting around that ring like he owned the place. BTW, lest anyone think I've done this before the judge had to tell me to trot him at her on the triangle - and the fact that Teller did ANYTHING is a testiment to his ability to stack himself, his natural showmanship and the fact that I hadn't trimmed him (poor Murphy).

These pictures were from the last class - when he was pretty "done" and sick of stacking. Everything went so FAST! I wish there had been more time between the breed and groups. At one point the judge looked at him and said "wow" - I looked at Kara - "is that a good wow or a bad wow?" Obedience judges NEVER say wow.

He was more than a little tired after a long day and sacked out the entire way home...Here is Teller posing with his very first ribbons and he's quite pleased that he too now has a rosette on his kennel in the car - just like Uncle Murphy. He was soooo sick of doing the show dog thing but he did it once more for Kara - as if he knew that he could be done afterwards :-)

My mom came down for the show - her first ever. She had a good time I think and drove me home (I slept almost the whole way too). I think she might be talked into coming to another show some time in the future - no overnights though! We got to see Diva and Casa (I haven't seen Casa since he was 6 weeks old) - it's amazing to see all the widdle puppies so grown up now! They don't stay babies for long - love and cherish every minute of puppyhood, it goes too fast.

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