Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Onward and Forward.

Coming down off the high of the BOTC weekend - and coming off a touch of the spring bug that's going on I feel like I've made some progress in my realm of sanity. I think sleep certainly helps. I coasted into the BOTC agility trial on fumes and it really took a couple of weeks to recover properly. Just in time to start all over again probably - but thems the breaks.

I got all of my paperwork in for BOTC's fall obedience trial and the event committee is coming together. I also dotted my i's and crossed my t's for the GMGRC agility trial in July, the premium will be coming out soon. Progress!!

I picked up my new ride last week, I miss my saab and I miss my manual transmission - but I do love the space in the outlook, Murphy is getting used to riding in a kennel and I'll have plenty of space to haul my crap! The new rig will get it's first road trip this weekend - we're going to take on a passenger! Imagine that! Three goldens and a gaggle of junk :-)

Hoping for another weekend of nice runs - we're not in it for Q's, but lets be smooth and get around the course. It'll be nice to see Linda and the girls again too - can't wait to see Siena dust another jumpers course.

Teller is Teller. He has moments of brillance and then moments where he's just hell on wheels. He has a definite sense of what he thinks is right and wrong and he's very vocal when he thinks his rights have been trampled on, we defineatly have our share of puppy tantrums these days, I'm trying not to let them get to me, but the extinction behaviors are certainly trying...May the force be with me.

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